Friday, February 26, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 43/44

The days are continually blazing on. I am slowly beginning to see that I have absolutely no time to breathe, and yet, I still manage to find time to get things done, and to go through school-work, having a social life, being busy with a church planting internship, and finishing up a potentially great novel. I am literally, pages away from finishing, and tonight is going to be it. I will finish my book, and it will be spectacular. I am excited and thrilled to get the editing underway, so I can see about having it published, but for now, all I will be doing is printing up a manuscript for myself, so I can go through the book, read it, re-read it, and then edit it a whole bunch...

Anyway, the 2 pictures are of some events that are happening. Okay, the first picture I took 2 days ago. That is of the contents of a package I am sending to a friend in Japan, Makoto, who I am praying becomes a believer in the not too distant future. The only thing that I can do is pray that this package will make a difference in his life.

The 2nd picture is of where I was for lunch this afternoon. I was with my old professor/youth pastor, Troy, and he treated me to lunch at what I thought was the best cuban food in all of louisville!!!! This place was absolutely delicious. I had grilled grouper with rice, beans, and plaintains. The fish came with a garlic mayo, and I highly recommend this restaurant to you, my readers.

1 Cor 4/5

I have been falling a little bit behind, so I want to try and keep up with my devotions as much as I possibly can. Knowing now, that the book is coming to a close, I can breathe a little bit easier, and loosen up my time, so I can focus more free time on my deeper time with the lord.

I was reading in Chapter 4, and this verse stuck out to me...

Your boasting is not good. Don't you know that a little yeast works through the whole batch of dough? (Verse 6)

It sort of reminds me of Passover, talking about how yeast represents sin, and how we must remove sin, in order to share a likeness with Christ. Well, I'm off to bed, so I will cut this one off for now...

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