Monday, September 10, 2012

I forgot how much I loathe doctors offices, not doctors just their offices...
Eaters of the Bagels of the Common Tongue, some food for thought.
I think I will come up with some snappy catch phrase to alert people to the new posts.
Won't have a "Readers and Bagel Eaters" alert for posts on Facebook, maybe just a tweet.
So if yousee posts from here, it's because I am just in the mood to use both.
The real blog is my Wordpress one...this is just an everyday blog.
Okay yeah so I know that the posts are short, but hey they're texts
This was Donna and I's second time there
Big time thrills at Schlitterbahn, in new Braunfels tx
Spent the weekend with family in Austin tx
Haven't used this mobile app to blog in a while