Monday, February 22, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 41

Today was one of those days were I have to talk about one of the greatest foods on the planet. SUSHI!!!!!!!! Arguable to some, this food serves as both nourishment and work of art...I first tried sushi when I was 12. I was being homeschooled by my parents in New York, and we went to a Chinese Buffet for lunch this one day, and I saw them and actually tried it, and liked it.

After that, sushi just fascinated me, and it wasn't long before I was into anime, and then the entire nation of Japan. God can work in mysterious ways, and work wonders in all of us, so who would have thought that a piece of raw fish could lead into me being a missionary in one of the most lost countries on earth.

Okay, now about the picture. This was the first one I took using my camera phone. I finally was able to go to AT&T and get the phone taken care of properly. So this picture was taken after having spent a weekend with my dad while he was here in Kentucky.

It's late, and sorry, no FLASHDEVO tonight, for the first time in a while...
Look for this nights and tomorrow's post tomorrow (tuesday)

PEACE and Good Night!

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