Thursday, February 11, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 30

Before you think that I am not in Louisville anymore, that I was at some really fancy Ancient Egyptian museum, think again. This picture is actually from the 2ND floor library over at Southern! This is the sarcophagus of some Egyptian priestess. I was in shock when I saw it. I had to take the picture from behind the glass doors, since it wasn't open yet, or else I would have gotten the picture a little bit closer. I had to ask permission first before taking the picture obviously, and I didn't leave the flash on. There would have been a whole lot of glare otherwise.

I am finally happy that the weather is starting to improve. Classes were back on, (although I don't have classes on Thursdays to begin with) so it was nice that all of the offices and facilities were all open. I picked up the pace and decided to go down to Pie Pantry in Valley Station, which is where I write from.


The main thing that I am starting to take away from the book of Romans is repetition. Paul has constantly been reminding people in these past few chapters about the significance of choosing to reject sin and turn towards righteousness. I am eagerly looking forward to reading 9-11, since I will have my dad's commentary, and I can through those books a little bit easier. I hope that you all have a great day, and that you enjoy today's posts...


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