Thursday, April 30, 2009

Running Just to Catch Myself

Besides the fact that it's the greatest song ever (according to me), that is how I see my life over the next 2 days. Finals are done. I'm done with school, but now there's just this small problem of getting everything I own in my dorm room packed up and ready to head home for the next 3 weeks. Japan is getting closer and closer for me. Tomorrow, I can begin the countdown by saying it's 24 days away, and so on.... I have a whole lot to do just before I can even go. Life isn't going to be all fun and games when I go home now, so this is actually work for me. Japan is technically a class I am taking for school, with the amazing fact that my classroom is the biggest city on earth. I will have to work on getting everything organized once I'm home too. I am forgetting to do a lot of journaling and blogging lately, so I will do my very best to keep doing this once I'm home, just until I get that new journal set up for the trip.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Tonight, it's 2:22 am, I am trying to finish a paper for my Cults and World Religions class and finish up this whole week of class so I can be into my finals week. I am ready to go back home. I only get 3 weeks to spend with my family before Tokyo, So I hope to take in every possible experience that I can while I'm there. Well, I am calling the blog post "retro" because I have gotten into a habit of watching the old school, and I do mean old school disney cartoons on youtube, like DUCKTALES and GUMMI BEARS. People today haven't even heard of these cartoons, but back in the day, these shows were the absolute best out there. I wish Disney would make better stuff than HANNAH MONTANA and WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE. Unfortunately, I don't get Toon Disney, so I can't watch these shows on TV like I did when I was a kid.

I am being shaped and molded into someone who God is going to use. I have had experiences in my life the past couple of days that I can't speak about, but I will let you know, as a believer in Jesus, there should be times when we don't let our guard down and just help people as you see them, because sometimes, that will bring such unexpected results that you can't possibly comprehend what God will do in a positive way in the future.

Until I write again...


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life Update

Okay, so let me explain. My mom and dad were here for the weekend of April 6th, first time I've seen them since January, and on this visit we went over to a Barnes and Noble and I bought a new journal for my trip to Japan. I will have to take a picture of it to show to everyone. It is a tan leather bound journal with a Lion crest on the cover. It is amazing. I started writing a little bit in it, but then I realized I have a whole 10-week summer to write about in the journal, so I needed to save it for a while. So I stopped. School is almost done too! I have another 2 weeks to go before I finish the semester, and it couldn't be any farther away. I still have another project to finish, as well as 3 papers and a whole lot of reading to finish.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Having a lack of Righteousness

Tonight was the first time in a few weeks that I actually went to a Wednesday night service at my Louisville church (Valley View church). I sat down to listen to Pastor Joel speak. He was going through a series on Spiritual Warfare, and a chance for people to defend themselves from evil attacks. It's a funny and often times mind-boggling thought about how we as mortal beings are caught up in the middle of a war that we cannot see. If we were able to see into the Spirit World, we would probably be so afraid of the thinsg that we see.But what my pastor spoke of is what got to me the most. We have to seriously be praying for God to make us righteous when we are lacking in righteousness. I need that righteousness daily. I need to be renewed daily. If you don't take the time to ask God for renewal daily, then you have a lack of wisdom. You are truly a fool if you do not take the time to say: "God, I don't have it in me to go on, but only you can carry me when I can't walk anymore. Please Father, carry me now!" that is what we need to do the most in our lives. We have to take the time to say, God Carry Me! I need you to hold me up. Because sometimes, even when things seem like they are all okay, we need God to carry us.