Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 28

Figures as much. This is the time of the year where there is a lot of snow. However, this only happens in this area of the country, not back home in Florida. I called home today, and my dad was telling me that there was rain, which I would rather have over the freezing coldness. I was at dinner tonight and after it was over, I walked back in the snow. It was windy, and it was REALLY REALLY cold. This is when I saw the most incredible thing I have ever seen. As I looked on my jacket, I saw a snowflake. I actually saw the shape of one, just like the Christmas ornament, and the cut outs that we used to do in elementary school. Crazy!

This picture was from today when I was on the way to lunch, right before I participated in a snowball fight. I haven't had a good snowball fight in years, and I also went sledding the other day. Today was different because the weather caused school to close. Supposedly there was going to be 2 more inches worth of snow tonight, if that is true, then certainly I would be missing school tomorrow as well. If that is the case, I won't have any classes until Friday (since I already have Thursdays off)


Today was Romans 5. In the opening part of this chapter, Paul describes the cause for a person wanting to die for someone else. That is the greatest example of love. Jesus did die, and Paul showed that Jesus died for the most UNWORTHY people imaginable. When you think of someone dying for someone else, you automatically would think of a mother dying for her child, or a father for his son, but what about someone who absolutely DOESN'T in any way deserve it. Jesus was doing the will of his father, being the shield against death, the cover against sin. It is unbelievable. I cannot fathom this. Thinking of everything that Jesus has done for me. He DIDN'T have to do what he did, but he did it anyway. THIS IS SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE.......


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