Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Florida Twisters

Okay, so yeah, there is really horrible weather outside, but that doesn't excuse me from blogging after about 2 weeks. I needed to do this. NOW THAT I HAVE MY JOB BACK. Yeah, it finally happened and now I have something to really celebrate in my life. But that's just one of the few things I could celebrate over. My salvation in Jesus is the best thing in my life I have to celebrate. I haven't been celebrating that in my life recently, but I really do have to try to make it a priority to say that my life is a celebration worth talking about!

Okay, so yeah, last thursday, June 12th, I got my job back at my home church, First Baptist of West Palm Beach, and I have been enjoying every minute of it. Today, June 18th is my day off from work. So I took it upon myself to do some blogging as well as getting stuff done before I go to church for College Bible Study. It's a great feeling having a day off and sleeping in. Normally because of work, I will have to be up at 6:15 in order to be at work to start at 8am. It's torterous, because I have been home for about a month and a half now, and I wasn't working for that first month. It was interesting, having nothing to do, and now, that I am working full-time, that has changed quite a bit. It's only a matter of time before I am back at school, wishing I was here in West Palm Beach.

Well today, the weather channel issued a Tornado Warning. I haven't seen rain like this since the hurricanes hit a few years ago. Thank God we haven't seen anything severe since 2005 when Wilma hit, but it can only leave you to wonder what's coming.

I am more concerned about what's going on in Washington. President Bush went before Congress to ask them to lift the ban on deep sea drilling near the U.S. Coast. It is pathetic, the democrats don't want to do anything about this! It's like they are blind to the idea of lower gas prices. McCain even said that he would help out with lowering the prices. People need to do something about this, it is ridiculous!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Excitement

Okay, this makes my life a whole lto easier. Having only one blog and one "social outlet". MySpace cannot compare to Facebook, and now this blog can comense into more serious business. I am moving along with book reading. 2 books on Japan, 2 spiritual growth books, and a novel that I find quite enjoyable actually. You may think of it as a burnout, but if you break the books down the way that I said you should, you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting through it. I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.

I should be starting work this week. It is so amazing how God has us waiting and waiting for things to turn around in our life, and then they work out just when it needs to. God had things all waiting for it to be worked out in my favor and then he lets things happen just at the right time. I praise him for that. The fact that he held me together and put my life into the place it needed to be was a great thing for me.

Anyway, about this post and my new place as a blogger. This page is better for me, because MySpace had so many complicated things on it, things that I really didn't need, so now I just have Facebook. Facebook is where most of my friends are anyway, so if you ever want to find me, now you'll know how to.

I am in the process of reading a gaggle of books, like I had mentioned in my last blog, so here's the books:

by James L. McClain

by Patrick Smith

by John Piper

by Jeremy S. Begbie

by Paul Meier and Robert Wise

(This is a 3-part book series about the End Times, 3rd Millennium is Part 1)

I highly recommend making a long book list like mine and read over this summer. It's good for your brain.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Life's Unexpected Twists

Well first and foremost, I made the decision to get rid of my MySpace page. I saw absolutely no use for it anymore, because Facebook has become the more dominating medium for all of my social interaction on the computer. It's amazing what happens when technology amps itself up a step further to get our attention. I am serious about all of this. It helps to have something a little bit better than MySpace. Anyway, I am working on doing a ton of reading this summer. It's been fun as heck doing some reading for fun. I actually promised myself I would read stuff I wanted to read this summer, and that is exactly what I'm doing.

Here's my strategy in case you ever want to try it...

1) Get a piece of paper
2) Write down the names of books you want to read
3) Open to the table of contents and look at how many chapters are in each book
4) Write down the numbers of those chapters beneath each title
5) With each day, mark off a number for each chapter until each one is finished.

Try it out and see for yourself

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Getting yourself closer to God

I have so much trouble these days doing that. I need to come to a point where I am just crying out to God, and wanting to spend time with him, and I am sorry to say that I haven't been doing that so much lately. I am having this blog "Japanese Missionary Extraordinaire" as my title, and yet I don't even have it in me to have a quiet time every once in a while. I have to work, and I mean work hard at keeping myself on the game. I am already dead spiritually. Pastors from years ago told me that you have to have spiritual food before you could even consider having physical food. You just have to put that first on your plate. Always commit to that, each and every day of your life.