Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 34/35

These are the pictures I have most recently taken for this project. The first one is inside my friend's car, a Golden Snitch. For those of you who don't know about Harry Potter, a Golden Snitch is part of the game of Quidditch. In order to win the game, you have to catch this object, (as is the job of the Seeker) before the other team does. It is worth 150 points, and catching it ends the game...

The second picture is one that is probably (as of now) the best picture I have ever taken. There were rumors going around about a murder on campus, and the hawk in the picture is the prime suspect. The other day, one of my friends were walking up the hill to the cafeteria, and saw a rabbit being eaten by a redtail hawk. Later on the next day, I stumbled upon the animals end-trails, and saw the picture of it attacking the poor thing. It's so incredible how animals work in nature and how the Lord of the Universe is the God of Nature and he ordained all creation and the way it functioned. Even in the midst of the violence of an animal being slaughtered, God provided for the needs of that hawk.

The days are becoming blurs, and I am beginning to get further and further into what I think qualifies as torment. This semester has been hard in all possible ways, and tonight was the hardest night I think I have ever had. I had people be real with me, and tell me the truth. I needed to hear it, although on the outside I clearly didn't want to hear it at all. I haven't understood the reality of my life until I heard it from someone else's point of view. Someone who I have known for years, someone who I would trust with my life. I thought I was being personally attacked, I had anxiety about things that weren't true (things that I thought were real and in reality weren't)

Thankfully my FLASHDEVO sort of helped.

Romans 11 and 12

I didn't post yesterday, and to be honest, my blogging is going along with my quiet time, because I find that when I keep up with the blog, I also keep up with my devotions. Anyway, Romans 11 finished up the trinity of Paul's heart for the people of Israel, but chapter 12 is where God followed up with what my friend talked to me about tonight. Loving people that you normally don't love. We aren't called to respond to people with hatred or to seek revenge, instead we are to show them the same love that Christ showed us first. It is so hard for me to agree with that, but I know that I have to. God had me read that chapter tonight because he knew I needed to hear it...

PEACE! I am going to bed, it is ridiculously late...

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