Sunday, February 7, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 25

Okay, now I can officially say that I'm not lazy anymore. This was a picture I was hoping to take to show people what my room has. You've seen my desk, my chachkies (Yiddish for dust-collectors), and now you can see my work area. Last semester, that would have been a bad idea to place things, since I had a roommate, and he slept there, but now, I keep my folders, important papers for classes, and my bible stuff over there. I bought that commentary book in the picture (The John MacArthur Bible Commentary) last semester, when it was on sale for $20. I have used it a couple of times, and right now, as I find myself reading Romans for quiet time, I have often looked through that book to answer some questions about Paul and what he was doing as he wrote the Prison letters.

Also here is an incredible update. I am on chapter 24 of the Chronicles of Judah, and right now, the book is an incredible 227 pages long. I am so happy with the way it is going, and I have so much in place to finish it, and with my goal in mind (February 26th) I hope that it will finally finish as planned, and I can start having it ready for printing and eventually editing.


I am going to try to do my reading in the mornings from now on, but I wanted to talk about Romans 2. In this chapter, you are seeing Paul, and how he wants people to be who they are supposed to be. Non-judgmental, and open to sharing Christ's love. He spoke of how there is no difference between Jew or Gentile and how we are not supposed to regard someone as better than someone else or how we are supposed to live our lives as to not let someone else stumble. It's something I often think about. Could our lives be affecting how someone else lives, how someone else believes in the Lord? Dwell on that today.

As far as the superbowl goes and who I'm rooting for: GO COLTS! (This is only because Peyton is Eli's older brother, and Eli is the quarterback for my New York Giants)

I look forward to tomorrow night's game.

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