Monday, February 1, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 20

Another day in which I didn't take the picture, but I am just thinking about the process that goes into making something so grand as this movie. Right now, I am still writing my book, "The Chronicles of Judah". I have been working on it for just over 3 years now. James Cameron started working on his movie AVATAR in 1994, writing the script, hoping that the movie would be released in 1999, just 2 years after Titanic came out in theaters. However, the technology needed to make the movie what it was, wasn't available, so the movie was put on hold for a while. If it has been made in 1999, it would have been a complete bomb, rather than the monstrocity that it now is (box office wise).

I cannot begin to fathom how it must feel to know that something you poured your life into became so successful, and so huge.

I came to a point today where I found everything that I needed to finish my book. i had all of the details I wanted included in the book, everything that would describe how it ended, I did it. And now I am going to run with it. So I chose this picture to express my view that doing things that will become successful will often take time, and you have to trust that God will help you through all circumstances...


Tonight I find myself getting closer and closer to finishing Acts. Paul is being put on trial before several high-ranking government officials, all of whom don't see any reason to accuse him, yet people want him dead. It is so cool to see how the hand of God protects Paul in all of this, and eventually he finds himself in prison in Rome, where he writes most of the New Testament, I cannot wait to get to that point but for now, this is all I can offer, as it is getting late, and I want to be in bed, to be up in time for opening convocation tomorrow.


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