Monday, February 8, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 27

As you look at the title header for my prayer journal today, you will see that it is for February 8th 2004. That is the day I started writing down everything I was praying, and from there, it is become one of my most important spiritual disciplines of my life.
I just thought I would get this done early today.

I haven't done my devotions yet, so there won't be a flash devo until later today, and I will add it to this post...
So until later...

OKAY.....Now I'm back on the air to give the flashdevo

Here it is...
Romans 4, talking about sin and righteousness and redemption and all of that. Verse 8 is what got to me the most talking about the believers, and their sins. "Blessed is the Man whose sins are not counted against him". That is something that God can only be responsible for. We worry about the things that God would do if we are caught sinning but God does above and beyond what we expect. He is truly an unbelievable god. Hope you are encouraged by this.

again, peace!

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