Thursday, March 25, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 70

I was with my dad again today, (this is a blog post for Tuesday). I hadn't slept the entire night, the stupid tea from Cheesecake Factory is perfect in taste, but not so perfect pertaining to the amount of caffeine in it. I was zombie-esque in behavior and had to make the most of a full day. I went to Wild Eggs with my dad, then to chapel, and then to class, then to lunch at a really good Japanese restaurant, had Tempura Udon (totally made me miss the busy streets of Shibuya). I went with him that night to a church meeting in the historic town of Bardstown, Kentucky... There was a tavern there that had been built in 1779. It was just great. I was talking with my dad about cats, and the persian came up. I found this picture and it made me cat crazy.


Galatians 2

I can't tell you how surprised I was when I started reading the chapter a little bit closer. Paul had been doing ministry for years, if you'd read the chapter. He returns to Jerusalem, and meets the apostles and gets into arguments about the Jewish believers following the law. While it is important to maintain identity (speaking as a messianic believer) one must also "become all things to all men" in order that they be lead to Christ.

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