Friday, March 5, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 50/51

I am starting to wish that my life made a lot more sense that what it does now. I know that I am called to do great things, but it feels like everything in me is just tiring out. The semester is going to be over in just over 2 months. I will have worked for 4 years to receieve a piece of paper with my name on it. This is overwhelming, that's for sure...

I have so much I have to get caught up on, so much that needs to be accomplished during these weeks, especially since I have extended my internship.

The 2 pictures are from the past days.

Today's picture...I thought that people deserve to see what the campus looks like. There's the chapel, and the absolutely perfect day behind it.

Yesterday's picture...I bought this patch at Hot Topic, when I took the picture of the Alice in Wonderland stuff, and I realized I had just updated a bag that I bought right after I graduated from high school for my first class ever in college.


1 Cor 11/12

I know I keep falling behind, but I have to get going with these scripture readings and to get seriously committed to keeping up with them. I will try my best to organize my time, so that way I am not rushing at the last minute to get things finished.

I hear 1 Corinthians 11 all the time. Whenever I am in church, I hear the preacher use this when we take the Lord's Supper. This chapter is basically a guide for people to see what is expected during worship. (This is in Chapter 11)

Chapter 12 talks about the gifts that the church receives from God. It is important for believers to take a chance to sit down and read this chapter, because if you are experiencing any doubts about the things that you can do, you can be assured that God has given you those talents for a very specific reason.

It is EXTREMELY LATE, and I want to go to bed.
Enjoy the pictures.


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