Friday, March 19, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 65

Here is a great picture to remind you of the times where you need to remember simple things. It is March Madness! The time of year where everyone is obsessed with Basketball. I seriously have been slacking in my life, focusing on watching movies, playing video games, and not spending time on schoolwork, but tonight, even though it was an NCAA party in the school's big event hall, I had the opportunity to meet with people and do school work. I seriously did some studying as well as reading, and then watched a ton of games and filled out a bracket. Some of it is wrong of course, but oh well...

I have also decided to make an addition to the flashdevo section. I am going to be adding topics from books that I am reading. It may not stop after the 365 project officially ends, maybe it will, but if this is the means that I keep up with my quiet time, then I want it to keep going. I truly enjoy doing all of this. I love updating people of what's new in my life. I have a devotional by Charles Spurgeon I am trying to go through, so I will add the readings from "Morning and Evening" to the post, and (when the time calls for it) a book that I have been reading for fun. I have an extremely long list of books that I want to read when I go home this summer, so be on the look out for that.

2nd Corinthians 10

This passage has a great deal of mental aid. When you think about all of the times that you have doubted the faith, you should sit down and read this chapter to yourself, over and over again. It also speaks of what we shouldn't do as believers to compare our good works with others. We shouldn't look to be commended by men, for in the end, the only person that matters is God.

"SPURGEON REVIEW" - From Evening March 18th

The greatest preachers and theologians had it all understood, no matter what, God doesn't stop loving us. Spurgeon talked about a "silver cord", like, if our life were to dangle from that chord, and we were falling to death, God would still be there, Loving us.

It is sooooooooo extremely late, and I took advantage of the time to get some work done, now I am going to bed.


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