Saturday, March 13, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 60

This again, wasn't an ideal picture but the best I could do. I spent the day wandering around with my buddy Jacob. We were at my church, Valley View, thinking we'd both have this amazing dinner of hunting game, but were sorely disappointed when the food turned out to be terrible...I felt so, so bad (my apologies to anyone from valley view reading this) i asked for my money back, after apologizing about a hundred times. We ate some of the food, but also, there wasn't a great variety left. So we took off, went out to a mall, and to the movies and just had a good time. Luckily there was a taco bell close by that we had our dinner at Taco Bell, hence the picture.

I am also so overwhelmed today. My nephew Cody turned 10 today...I called him and talked to him, to hear how excited he was to get a Nintendo DSi as a present.

2 COR 5

This serves as an important passage in the life of a missionary, since there is the verse that talks about believers being "Christ's Ambassadors". I feel that way about being a missions major here at school, while I am getting my degree, I feel that I have this important journey to go and tell the gospel so that all may hear, and then realize that God has told me, I am speaking on Christ's behalf, like an ambassador. Such an honor when you think about it.

I am upset, because as I am writing this, I am losing an hour of sleep.
So with that being said...


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