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At first I had just fallen behind with my posts...AGAIN! But now I am back on track. I decided to wait a little bit before I was going to finish the book because I literally decided that I had been in these books long enough and I wanted to see what happens in the end. These books have brought a great amount fo wisdom because I have learned that no matter how far you go to try and fool God and cover up sin, IT AIN'T GONNA WORK!!!! David had become this absolutely overwhelming sinner, disobeying God and his children became rebellious, especially after the things that Nathan had said to David. As I wrote in previous posts about David's son Absalom, you can see that things are about to be made worse. Absalom is the king over Hebron, since that is where he is hiding.

Chapter 15

Absalam prepares his rebellion against his father in this chapter. He gathers men to leave David (whom they had been serving faithfully) to begin a rebellion against him out in the desert and David flees Jerusalem. David pauses to worship the Lord, he took the ark of the covenant with him, he looks back and says "If the Lord sees fit, he will bring me back to see the ark and the Tabernacle again. But if he is through with me, then let him do what seems best to him" (15:25,26 NLT) David walked along the Mount of Olives, mourning he was barefoot and his head was covered. He arranges that Hushai, an Arkite man would become Absalom's advisor. David manages to return to Jerusalem, assuming that his son doesn't know that he is actually there.

Chapter 16

David meets Ziba, Mephibosheth's servant (Saul's Grandson). He had come with two donkeys carrying loads of food and wine, and he explains to David that Mephibosheth wants to reclaim his grandfather's kingdom, and David said to Ziba in response to this, take everything that belongs to Mephibosheth. As he approaches, David is cursed by members of Saul's family, saying that he was a murderor, and the fact that Absalom was the king was basically David getting a "taste of his own medicine", and he came along with David throwing rocks and continuing to curse him. David has schemed against his own son, by making Absalom think that the king's advisor, Ahithophel works for Absalom now. So he instructs Absalom to sleep with one of the kings concubines, since 10 of them guard the palace, and it would be a slap-in-the-face move for Absalom to do to his father.

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