Monday, July 12, 2010

The 365 Project Pictures 175-179

I hate it when I get to this point in my blog because I have had several posts where there are more than 2 pictures...I want there to be one picture, 1 post, plus a flashdevo in there, instead of 5 pictures and explanations, but I will be getting along with that shortly.

I watch the show America's Got Talent, and unfortunately I couldn't find a picture with all 3 of the judges, so I could only find Sharon Osbourne with her husband Ozzy. She has been doing a great job on the show, and I had to make an homage to her on my blog. I can't wait to watch the competition beginning this week on NBC.

Another thing that I am missing in my life is one of my favorite TV shows, also on NBC, ER. There are a few TV shows out there that I have seen for the majority of my life, and ER is the second show, the first is The Simpsons. ER came out when I was 8, and the Simpsons, when I was 4. ER had 15 seasons, and I am waiting patiently for there to be a 15-season box set for the show. This is a picture of the original cast, which was in 1994. George Clooney (who was part of the original cast) has become an Oscar-winning actor since then. Maybe by 2011/2012 it will be out, we will see...

After having sold a lot of my stuff on, I went out with the earnings and bought myself the new video game Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4. I have gotten far along with the game and am still going to work my way through it, I will have to save part of the game for the trip to Austin in August. This is a clip from the game, however, it won't appear on a Nintendo DS because of the graphics.

Because my family from New York/Pennsylvania are in town this week, I was under the impression that we would uphold the traditions of our family and have spaghetti and meatballs. But I was fully prepared for that to happen on sunday, and it happened on saturday, as it was diminished to a BAR-B-SHOE...(which is the way to pronounce it in Italian). I was expecting to come home from church on Sunday to sit down as a family toa big pot of gravy, but those days are far behind me.

Here is one of the best pictures I have of the family while they were here. 4 boys and 1 girl under the age of 15, my two nephews and my cousin Rosalie's three kids, Gavin, and the twins Kaylie and Aidan. The 4 boys were out playing lightsabers they had made with pool noodles, and I had to take a picture of their father teaching the boys how to use lightsabers. Too fun...

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