Thursday, July 22, 2010

365 Project pictures (up to day 190) 10 more days til 200

Eventually I am going to need to get a new camera because the pictures I have been taking aren't even mine (This isn't JUST about being lazy). A 6-year old digital camera doesn't exactly cut it when it comes to taking pictures. I mean that camera only has 3 megapixels on it. I could get a camera at best buy these days for half that price and 3x the amount of megapixels on it. The keyword in this situation is EVENTUALLY as in not right now, and not 3 years from now, EVENTUALLY I will get a new camera. More than likely it will be this coming semester at Southwestern, so we will have to see. This past week has been an emotional roller coaster ride for me. I am struggling personally to keep up with my quiet time, and to think as a whole. I am just grateful for my salvation in Jesus. I was at the doctors today, and I felt God speaking to me. Just to trust in him, and to rejoice in the good things. I had been dwelling on bad things at the time. I was sitting in the exam room waiting to see the doctor, looking out the window of the 14th floor of this building in downtown west palm looking out at the ocean and the view, and I felt at peace.

Anyway, that is my main reasons for not keeping up with the pictures. I mean there's not much to pictures of food from PANERA BREAD, SUBWAY, Jillian and Bob from Biggest Loser, and a picture of the wolves from wolf's rain. More than likely I will keep posting pictures from the internet, until i get a good opportunity with my cell phone. I will probably be using that camera for a while. We'll see...

In the meantime, enjoy my lethargic attempt at being a photo-blogger


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