Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 196 (4 more days)

Finally, a picture with some depth! Most nights in the summer, my family has spent time sitting down together around the table after dinner eating fruits like these. Tonight was especially good because my mom had found these amazing coffee pots and it perked on the stove. It's a great night when you could have fruit, a good cup of coffee and sit down at the table just talking. That's what a regular night is for me this summer.

2nd Kings 2 - Flashdevo

When I read this chapter, it is one of those moments (much like in 1st Kings where you wish you were around to see it happen) Okay there was a chariot of fire that took Elijah up into heaven, and 2 bears that come out and maul 42 kids at once!!!!!

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