Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A bloggers explanation

I know a lot of people out there write these fancy blogs and make all of this statements that they are doing it for the Glory of God, so I had to explain my blog a little bit better. I know that I am not living in Japan right now, and that the subject matter isn't concerning much having to do with Japan, but the blog has to do with my life and the experiences I have each and every day. The 365 project is a year-long endeavor I have to take a picture (even if 3/4 of the time they aren't mine) I still do it. Writing is truly my life. There are people out there who live to play guitar, sing, or paint (like my awesome older brother)

check out his blog...


Me however, I write. Writing is my life. I write poetry, I blog, I even wrote a book!!!! I don't write blogs hoping that people will read them. I mean people see my blog on facebook all the time, it's just if I don't write, I feel like my life won't have a purpose. I write for the Glory of God. Someday the blog will have greater depth as the subject matter fits the title of the blog but for now, enjoy the journey with the pictures (camera/phone/internet pics) and enjoy reading what I read in scripture through my flashdevos and the devotional reviews from Charles Spurgeon.

I finally checked out a blog that trumps mine in every way. To the people that write on it, I think it is the coolest blog I have ever seen in my life, and I have to give you some credit for what you do, I mean after all I am only an amateur.



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