Monday, July 5, 2010

The 365 Project Pictures 169-173 (174 in seperate post)

I am getting along in pictures, all of which have some stories to tell behind them...

I was with my mom on June 30th, after having seen Twilight Saga: Eclipse, to have dinner before going to church for Bible Study and saw this picture on a menu of IHOP. There are basically no customers at IHOP after 5:00. Breakfast is that restaurant's forte, and sometimes you will get good service for dinner (which we did), it was sad being the only people there. The picture is for the endorsement that the movie Despicable Me is getting from IHOP.

Here is a picture from the campaign that Chosen People Ministries in New York started. The ministry is getting a lot of publicity by this Messianic Prophecy campaign on Isaiah 53. This was a poster that I had made into my profile picture.

On Friday, me and my mom spent the day together after work. We had gone to see Toy Story 3, a great movie BTW, and on the way out of the movie theater, we watch as cops surround a car, guns pointing at the people in the car, and make an arrest. There must have been about 6 cars by this one entrance to the Boynton Beach Mall I really wasn't counting.

Saturday was a cool day, I was with my mom and we went around to look at some new furniture pieces for our house. This metal fish decoration now sits on the table in the living room by the front door.

Sunday I was bored. I know it was the Fourth of July. I was eating hamburgers like any good American should be, but I have picked up the habit of playing Pokemon games, and I was playing the Diamond Version, and this was Dialga, the legendary Pokemon that controls the flow of Time...he is also on the cover on the game. This picture is from the game Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Dialga is one of the focal points on the level "Spear Pillar". He will send blasts of fire and light, knocking your opponents off the stage if you get too close...

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