Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dreaming of Fujisan

Okay, so I am getting ideas in my head after watching some videos of other people climbing Mt. Fuji and making it to the top. Okay yes, I did climb Mt. Fuji while I was in Japan last year, but I DIDN'T make it to the top. Someday, when I return to Japan, and I am like 75 pounds thinner, and in a lot better shape (like built) I will try it again. I honestly don't care that I didn't make it to the top (at the time) I was exhausted. Mt. Fuji is 12000 feet. That is from the base to the top. There's like a forest road that will go from the bottom to the top, and I started from station 5. So someday soon, I will do this all over again.

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