Monday, July 26, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 195 (and introduction to 2nd Kings)

Since getting into the TV Show Glee after it came out last year, I find myself interested in more and more of the music that is featured on the show. So today, on the way into work with my mom, we had stopped at Faith Farm (a local thrift shop) and I was browsing through some old records and found a KISS album. I think it is hilarious that these are here, they probably won't play from all the scratches that the record had on it, but the fact that it was a KISS album made it funny to me. I did manage to find some really great books for $3!!!!! I got 5 books that probably would have cost me more than 50 dollars at Barnes and Noble for $3. It just goes to show you how you have to be paying careful attention to what you might find in the store.

I want to stay focused on my passion for writing, and I have to read God's word, it goes hand in hand for me. So in addition to doing this project with this pictures, that has taken on a personal inspiration to me, as opposed to what others inspired me to do, I am going to finish this project. I want it done. I will still blog, I may even still take plenty of pictures, but my reasons for doing this blog in the first place were to impress someone, and now I wish I had never thought of doing it. I have fallen victim to trying to impress people before, and now I realize I have to do what pleases God as opposed to what pleases other people because it is so stupid to try and please people who are only going to let you down in the long run. The people that we try to impress are like leaves on a tree, you are the tree. You think that these people will stay with you forever, and then when it comes time for them to move on, they move on, it's that simple. I was trying to impress a leaf, when all along this leaf was going to move on, and you know what, that's perfectly fine. Let them move on! I will grow new leaves anyway.

2nd Kings 1

25 chapters in 25 days? I think I can handle that.

Here in this chapter, we have steered away from Solomon's family and are focusing more on Elijah's ministry. Fire consumes a lot of people in these books, because there were people that wanted to try and bring down the kingdom of Judah (surprise surprise), so the new king of Israel (Ahab's son) wants to know if he will recover from an injury he received. So he consults people in cohorts with false gods, and manages to learn that he will die in the bed he lays in. Elijah is the one who fortold this. So messengers were going out to meet him, and then fire came down from heaven and consumes them.

I wish in my heart of hearts that we could see God like he was in these books. People who think that they are so much better off without God, how great would it be to see people trust and obey in the God of Heaven and Earth and know that he is good, and that he loves them by the fire that consumes those against him? That would be a sight to behold because the proof would be there right in front of their eyes!

More tomorrow.


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