Monday, May 3, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 109-111

In the grand scheme of things I should have seriously been working at getting my posts up to date, but I have been having way too much fun these past couple of days. I have been totally absorbed in the Pokemon game, but I have been spending time with close friends, and even had the chance to cook for them. The pictures you see are from this weekend and monday. Saturday was Kentucky Derby of course, so I was at my very first derby party. This year I didn't even get to see the race, I had to simply listen to it on the radio. That was a little different for me, but I still enjoyed it none the less. Big surprise, the same guy who won last year won this year. Had I known that, I would have put even a few dollars in on the race. The party had a huge bucket that was taking bets :P oh well.

The second picture was in honor of my mom. I went to church and afterwards, went to the Ferraras house to cook for them. The dish is called Italian Eggs. Victor had suggested to me that the dish be made like an appitizer and even served it with crustinis. I fell in love with the dish, and want to make it again over the summer when I get the chance.

FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY, I have gotten over my fears of firing a gun, and went to a shooting range with the Ferraras. It was an adrenaline rush. I fired at targets and everything. I was glad to have done it.

Here goes a part much needed...FLASHDEVO
Nehemiah 4-5-6

As the chapter progresses, the people of Israel go through the defense of the city. You watch as the people struggle to take back what is theirs' from the people who had conquered the city. The city was protected by the people who were building it. The workers carried their weapons with them. It resembles a lot of Lord of the Rings. Even in the book, the city Minas Tirith (in the last book) reminds me of Jerusalem, because it is the city that must defend the people, the strong army inside its walls. In Nehemiah, the city is being built up again after it has been wiped out by its enemies...I will read on and see what comes next for Jerusalem.

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