Tuesday, May 11, 2010

FLASHDEVO Nehemiah 12/13

I finally was able to read Nehemiah this morning before I left to take care of all of my stuff. I went to the car detailers to get it waxed and cleaned, and then I had to make a detour today to bring my brother this binder :P Oh well.

But here's the finale to Nehemiah as I have promised before...

Nehemiah 12

This was a chapter for worship. The people of Israel are worshiping the Lord after the city has been dedicated. The sons of the priests, the gatekeepers, everyone who played a part were there when the city was reestablished, and they thrived there.

Nehemiah 13

In the ending of this epic story, Nehemiah is dealing with sacreligious activity. People in the city are conducting business on the sabbath, a completely heretical thing to do, as it is required to not work on days of rest. Nehemiah threatens the merchant people with violence, and then shuts the gates on them. When the people start to camp outside of the gate, Nehemiah declares to them that they must leave immediately, or be executed. People in today's day and age do not hold to the same standards, and therefore don't care when people threaten them with their "religious" ideals. People see us as fenatics who are intolerant and discriminatory, when all along we are following after what God expects of us.

I pray we remember this. I will be starting 1st Samuel tonight, so look for the new Flashdevo posts later on...


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