Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 113

This was a day I was waiting for. The first of many great days to come. I checked out of the dorms this morning and my family got to Louisville. I was so happy to see them. My Godmother is here too. I have not seen here since I first left for school in 2006. It was an overwhelming sense of happiness I felt. There are only 2 more days left before the chains are taken off me, and the really, really real world sets in. College is coming to a close and a much bigger chapter is about to open up. Post College life sounds exciting to me, but it also feels like I need a great sense of direction in my life to know what to do.

Anyway, tonight's picture was in honor of the occasion. I have been following this heart healthy diet for so long, i felt like I deserved this. For the record, I split the cheesecake with my mom, so don't panic and act all scared because I was eating something I shouldn't have been :P

Nehemiah 9

The Israelites begin to worship the Lord even deeper at this point. They begin by pointing out the marvelous things he had done for them. Even in their rebellion, the people of Israel are seeing God for who he really is. A compassionate, and forgiving God, who doesn't stop loving his people. Despite everything the people had been doing, despite their mistakes, the hardships that they had faced, through each and every thing, God forgave, and he gave them hope for a future.

"You have acted faithfully while we did wrong" (v. 33)

God is still like this. No matter what it is that we do, God doesn't stop loving us. We could be displeasing him, we could be pleasing him, God still chooses to love us. Remember that this day.



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