Monday, May 10, 2010

365 Project Pictures for days 116-118

DAY 118

I have heard my friends the Ferraras talk about their garden with 60 tomato plants in it, so me and my mom were out shopping tonight, and went to whole food markets where we found this absoultely beautiful heirloom tomato. It's red with a green top and green stripes on it, hopefully when we plant the seeds from them, the plants that grow will be somewhat similar.

DAY 117

As hard as I tried to get a picture of the Florida State Line, I couldn't quite get it locked down on my sights. So without even trying I snapped a picture of the Ron Jon sign, and at the point where I took the picture, it was 253 miles away...

DAY 116

This will probably be the last time I see the skyline of Nashville, and it is good to see that things are returning to normal considering the amount of damage the city has seen in the past week from all of the flooding. This was the first day of our roadtrip on Saturday, after we took my mom, grandma, and godmother to the airport.

I will finish my FLASHDEVO momentarily, so give me a few minutes...

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