Monday, May 10, 2010

Prelude to today's 365 Project Post

Please remember that I was traveling with my dad and brother for the past 2 days and have just now gotten home. West Palm Beach is a great place to be, and this is a great time to be here...The summer months always bring about a lot of good memories. My older brother has the camera that has Saturday and Sunday's picture on it, so unfortunately, I won't be able to tell you about the roadtrip home. I will however say that every time I tried to get a picture of a State border, I just couldn't do it. So you will be seeing pictures of cities and of the state welcome center for Florida. I haven't made the return road trip since May of 2009, right before I went to Tokyo for the summer. My car was home with my parents while I was living overseas, but then when it was brought back to Louisville, I ended up flying home rather than driving home over Christmas break.

The road trip was enjoyable because I realized it would be a very long time before I go back to Louisville for any reason whatsoever. If my book finally gets published, I may be making Louisville the book's first stop...

We will see how things turn out with that.

FLASHDEVO will be later on tonight, I just got a journal for sermon notes, so I want to record some thoughts over Nehemiah 11 and 12 before I read it and then I will post it. Look for the new pictures tonight.


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