Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 112

I had to completely scare people considering that I have a health issue. RELAX!!!!! I got a grilled chicken sandwich for dinner. Although in my head I see myself eating a hamburger. This was a frustrating situation. Not that I couldn't eat the hamburger, but that I was eating dinner at the restaurant. I had to take my car in to get a balance and rotation on my tires. I did it with Firestone because I got a lifetime deal on the car 2 years ago when I brought the car to Kansas City. Me and my brother drove out there and had a blow out. You could see the damage it made, but the lifetime tire repairs are worth it to get this done again and again.

I have to get the car packed up and get ready to leave the dorms tomorrow, since my family gets here, so I will get this done quick.

FLASHDEVO, Nehemiah 7/8

In these chaopters, the city gets finished, and the people begin to worship. One of the most incredible parts of this chapter is the amount of people that were exiled. More than 43,000 people come back to the city of Jerusalem. Ezra opens up the word of the Law, and the people worship God in booths with palm branches (the feast of Sukkot) on the roof. It is incredible. God changed Jerusalem because one person dared to take a stand for the Lord, that is what I feel God has been teaching me through this book...

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