Thursday, April 1, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 75-76-77-78-79

Here it is! Time for what is now recorded in my blog as the biggest post yet. 5 days worth of pictures!!!!!! This is also important for a location change, because I left for Spring Break yesterday (March 31, and now I'm in Austin, Texas visiting family)

Day 75

My crazy schemes at studying for a big history exam I had right before I left for Texas. This was also the second day of my record 3 days of Taco Bell for dinner. I was almost heading for the Super Size Me lifestyle. But I would get too tired of that really quickly.

Day 76

This picture will always get me excited because it reminds me of Japan and how the seasons change and how I get to be a part of seeing the changes while I still live in Kentucky. Luckily there will be season changes in Texas too.

Day 77

If I had my actual digital camera on me, I would have been able to get this sunset a little bit better. The phone camera just doesn't do it any justice, since the quality is so poor. But there was just a great array of red colors behind the downtown Louisville area, and it was an incredible sight to see.

Day 78

As I made my way through the Memphis airport on my way to Austin, I came across something I was dying to try. Real Memphis style BBQ, and plus its owned by the Neely family, that amazing family that's on food network. I had a BBQ Turkey dinner, and I must say, if you ever go to Memphis, Kansas City, or anywhere in Texas, you will find great BBQ.

Day 79 - the first day in Austin!!!!!

I should have waiting until the view had improved a little bit, but here is a view of the start of the Capitol of Texas highway, coming from Leander where my uncle lives, going out towards the Mexican Restaurant where I ate lunch today with my brother Brian. It was an amazing ride, it felt a lot like being in Tuscany.

There won't be a FLASHDEVO today because I have fallen behind with the book of Ephesians, and I want to get caught up. So be patient, it is coming soon...

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