Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 105 (Today's Picture and News)

Finally, finally, finally, I have posted all of my pictures and explained about them. Now I can get down to business and write a lengthy post about today's events, not last week's, or the week before that, I can actually put today's news up.

Today's picture is reminding me so much of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. I was over at the library when I wrote that post "personal revival" with my friend Justin Nettles, and we saw this flower outside the library, and it was a lone rose, much like the magical one from the movie. I will definitely be using my camera from now on, because I can certainly get better quality with a camera as a opposed to my phone.

Because of finals week, I am in the middle of a crunch. Made the final corrections on a paper I will be turning in tomorrow to the teacher. I hope that it is enough to secure my grade, but there's no going back now. So I turn everything over to the Lord, his will be done, not mine.

After taking 2 finals today, I drove down to the Southend of Louisville to have some dinner with my good friends, The Ferraras. They were the people who stuck by me the most while I was in the hospital (and I know they'r reading this ;) ) so I speak the truth. They have treated me like I was a part of their family, and I am forever grateful for that. They had me at their house for meals, and we watched movies on 2 different nights. On Sunday we watched AVATAR, and tonight we watched SHERLOCK HOLMES. So I have had the best time with them, and they will be at my graduation.


Nehemiah Introduction (Chapter 1)

We all know about how the people of Israel were dragged out of their homeland and to the land of Persia and Babylon, so this chapter talks about what happened when Nehemiah prayed that God would allow restoration for his people. In a way, I feel like I am Nehemiah, because I am asking for restoration of my own soul. I have been through so much, health wise, I feel like I need to start things over again, and to let God be in control of my life. I am interested to see how this book will draw out. We started studying Nehemiah in Bible Study this past Saturday and since then, I have been so curious about what happens in the story of how the walls of Jerusalem will get rebuilt, so for now, I will just have to wait and see.


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