Friday, April 30, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 107

Another great day in Louisville as I count down til graduation, which by the way, I got my cap and gown this afternoon. They just arrived from the Herff Jones people and all the seniors had to go to the bookstore to pick them up. So I am really, really graduating. Also, I was sifting through the absolutely essential things and had come to find that I am developing this hoarder persona. I have so much stuff in my room, I had to think twice about what I really, really needed, rather than do I really want this?
So tomorrow, I think I will be going down to some stores and selling all of my unnecessary things so I can officially begin the moving out process.

Today was a great day for me. I had always said that at some point this year, I would go to a park for a picnic. Reality is, I have done that twice. Once with the Ferraras right after I got out of the hospital, and then the second time was today with a group of fellow Boyce Students i probably won't see again for a very long time. I thought we would have gone to Waterfront, and we ended up going into Cherokee Park. I was reminded by this girl Laura, that because of Derby, the downtown area would be packed and there probably would be a chance that there wouldn't be a place for us to sit. So Cherokee became the unanimous decision. The creek was beautiful I had blankets lying out on the floor, I bought a sandwich from Jimmy Johns (probably best chain-restaurant sandwich I have ever had), and we had a good time. I took my shoes off and even walked in the creek, which was freezing cold. But it was so nice. God's creation was being shown to us, and I was dwelling on this that is the best place to be, hands down.



Nehemiah 3

We get to the part in the story where you see the reconstruction of Jerusalem has actually begun at this point, and the various locations of the city are drawn out in detail through the gates of the city. This chapter described the people in the city of Jerusalem making their different repairs on the certain places that meant the most to them. It wasn't just this select group of people from Persia who were making this endeavor to repair the city. The chapter makes mention of goldsmiths and merchants who were also present in helping to rebuild the city. I find it amazing that even through trials, God's people were people with a will to do the right thing, they were determined, and they were obedient.


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