Friday, April 9, 2010


You can see how my pictures shift, I was with my friend Dustin on Monday when I went on the tour at Southwestern...I took pictures of a pair of shoes I desperately wished i could buy...Never in my size....and a picture of the seats of my flight to Louisville, while I was stuck on the ground...and finally a poster for my inspiration. The saddest of these pictures is of the tureen (a soup dish). It is blue and white porcelain I found on sale at Cracker Barrel. I wanted these blue and white cannistars for my apartment I would have gotten when I moved to Fort Worth, but after touring the apartment grounds on Monday, I am seriously doubting if I would move into an apartment at all, and instead live in the dorms, so this picture serves as a remnant of a dream.

Okay at first, I was just going to take pictures and then add them to my facebook profile or something, but that is not what has ended up happening here. On the 2nd day of my blog, I was watching Julie and Julia. In the movie, Julie Powell blogs her way through Julia Child's cookbook, and cooks each and every recipe in it. I have said I would try to do that someday, get a cookbook and blog through it, but now I am in the middle of a photo project of blogging about the pictures I take, truly awesome. I just wanted everyone to see my inspiration for having a "365 Project"


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