Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Reality and the Truth

The Truth is such an important thing that we have to grasp from time to time. The truth is what makes people see what they are being saved from (in terms of Salvation and the Gospel) and the truth is what we accept.

I have been really struggling in my head to overcome myself. I have to accept the truth that I am recovering from something that probably should have never happened. Yes, I am referring to the episode that led to a heart attack in April. I cannot express to you what having something like that does to you. Your mind is always focused on it. I cannot escape it, I cannot get away from the thought of it, or the reality that it did in fact happen, it is just there. I want to escape this thought from my mind so badly. But I am so unsure of myself, I am second guessing this over and over again. I feel that my dwelling on this event has to be something of the devil, who is trying to hold me back from my potential as a missionary, but at the same time, in a weird-sick-and-twisted way, I am rejoicing in the Lord through this, because I have been awoken to the reality of my health and to take care of myself.

I struggled falling asleep tonight, and I had to get this off of my chest before I went to bed.

The reason for the picture is because the truth is like the Northern Lights. The majority of the time, we cannot see it because we are no where close enough to see it (being in Florida, obviously) but we know that it really exists, and that there is beauty in the truth. I pray that you will dwell on that tonight.

Big Flashdevo entry to come this week, stay tuned.

rejoice in the Lord always, again I say REJOICE!!!

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