Monday, August 23, 2010

FLASHDEVO 2nd Kings 13 and 14

Today has been good for me so far. I actually managed to get into the library and find a quiet place to study. I went through 10 more Psalms for my Psalms class (trying to set a pace of 10 a day, will still have to read 10 more tonight), and I also started reading chapters out of my missiology book (which should be like review for me) This was great for me because I had a chance to get to a quiet place where I could focus on God's word for a little bit...

2nd Kings 13

I did my reading yesterday, I got halfway through the chapter, and then put it down. I hadn't had the chance to finish the reading for chapter 13 until today, but the reality is, I don't feel as if anyone is missing anything. The story still stays the same. Someone else from another family has become the king of Israel (the Northern kingdom) and they are still doing what is wicked in God's eyes. I am a little frustrated that in all of this ruling over what God has ordained, people still fail to see that their wickedness is what is causing their turmoil. Both of the books of Kings are nothing but heartache and despair, and believe me when I say, I pray that as I read the experiences of others in history (as a means to dwell on what can be done to correct oneself from sin). In the meantime, people are hearing about this prophet of God, Elisha, and he dies finally. The details of Elisha's death are what sort of thrill me. When I was younger, I loved Robin Hood (the disney version with all the animals) and it later led me to learn more about Robin Hood. In the legends, Robin dies and when he is dying, he shoots an arrow out the window and declares that he should be buried by wherever that arrow lands. In this chapter, Elisha says to Jehoash, the king of Israel to shoot an arrow out the east window where he was dying. The arrow landed at Aphek, and he told Jehoash that the people of Israel would have victory over the Arameans there. Again, in the midst of all of this wickedness (CF Verses 22-23) God does not banish the people from Israel because of their sins, he remembers his covenant and stays with them, DESPITE of their sins against God.

Chapter 14

Now a shift is being made to Judah, where Jerusalem is located. The people in Judah follow closely after what God wants for them to do and you see Amaziah. He is about my age (25) when he reigns as king over Judah. His father had been murdered in previous chapters and when he establishes his reign, he has the people who murdered him executed.
All of the events of his life and the other kings have been recorded in these extra-biblical books "THE ANNALS OF THE KINGS OF ISRAEL". Oh what I would do to be able to read those books and see them with my own eyes.

I hope that this encourages you today.


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