Saturday, August 21, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 221

The time for seeing great things in pictures is now. As I am well into the 200s at this point, and I feel that there is no more room for internet pictures, so today, I went out with a friend from the dorms, to the Hulen Mall in Fort Worth. This weekend is a tax-free weekend in Texas and because of that we were able to go around to buy clothes and stuff without tax. I got a tee-shirt out of the deal. Anyway, while waiting for my friend Logan I go inside the pet store (probably for the first time in 6 years) and see these beautiful parrots. Lovebirds actually. I just have to take the time to marvel at God's creation.

Flashdevo (2nd Kings 11 + 12)

2nd Kings 11

In this chapter, you see that the kingdom of Israel has lived a life of perpetual wickedness and now finally, the kingdom has turned around and has decided to expel the temple of Ba'al, and they turn back to the ways of the Lord. This is all because a 7-year old boy is sitting on the throne. The northern part of the country had lived out of the covenant with God for 100 years. Joash is the king who has turned the country around.

2nd Kings 12

Here is a jump in topic, and I have discovered a system that has originated in the Old Testament, probably well before the book of Kings. In this chapter, you encounter Joash who had become the King of Israel, and now there was a commission to collect money to repair the temple, well in this case, the temple was rebuilt, but at the same time: Joash was assassinated and there was still wickedness throughout Israel.

I really don't comprehend how things work in the Old Testament because at first people can have this really great era of living for God and following in his ways, and suddenly that all goes down the drain as people decide that they have to live in perpetual wickedness. A lot to consider, even though we as believers can live in sin too, but still be obedient to what God wants. Funny how the world works.


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