Friday, August 6, 2010

Blog Update - Remembering Hiroshima

You know, I have the routine down to a science when it comes to my expect to see the pictures and then the posts and flashdevos on whatever chapter of Scripture I am in, but then there are just times where I want to stray away from that and just vent or write something...

Today is August 6th, and 65 years ago today, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. As someone who feels called to Japan as a missionary, you have to know about certain aspects of the target's history, and to recall it, it seems very important to me...

This was a turning point in World War 2, because on July 26, 1945, the Potsdam Declaration was signed, defining the terms of the Japanese surrender, and they were ignored, so as a measure for the people to "get the message" the United States dropped 2 nuclear weapons. On August 6th, Hiroshima, and then Nagasaki on August 9th. Both cities lie to the south, and to this day, buildings still stand to remind the people of the horrors of nuclear war. Also, people in the affected cities dealt with cancer and other medical issues caused by exposure to the radiation, some traces of these conditions can still be seen in people who are living there today.

These were photos taken after the bomb had been dropped. There is literally nothing left after it had happened. Take a moment today and reflect on the fact that we live in the United States. I am terrified of what could happen with nuclear war, it is like a living nightmare because there won't be anything left after it happens.

Japan is so very much AGAINST nuclear war, and I am for there being no weapons in the world. Someday, having nuclear weapons will not matter, and we will be with the Lord, and there will be no more suffering and no more pain, no more war, no more destruction, and no more nuclear bombs.

Remember Hiroshima and the people that died because of war. People still need to hear about Jesus and we will do whatever it takes to see that they do accept his salvation. Jesus is life!!!!!! The air I'm breathing, why my heart is beating! Jesus is life (so said Steven Curtis Chapman in his song with the same name)


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