Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A much needed flashdevo (2nd Kings 3-6)

I have had too long of a break to leave the Word of God out in the dust. Truth be told, this is what happenes to us when we don't focus on God, we tend to wander off and have to re-focus. God doesn't move, we all move away or move closer to God, and he still stays put.

You want to talk about someone amazing? Read through 2nd Kings and read on Elisha. After Elijah goes up to heaven, he begins his ministry to the people and performs miracles. It is easy to see how people in Scripture could think of Elisha as God because of his miracles but the reality is that God is God and no one else is.

From a woman having enough oil to buy herself and her son food and to pay off her debts

to the ravens feeding Elijah and then Elijah going up to heaven on a chariot of fire, God moves and teaches those who don't trust him to trust him.

Sorry this isn't a little bit more thorough, but I am using Wi-Fi through a sprint phone and it needs to be switched off.


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