Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bridging the Gap

Officially this, is the first post on my blog from my dorm room at Southwestern. This will be the first of many this week, as I prepare myself for classes and for a multitude of tasks that are to come. First off, after the hectic week of being in Austin, I am happy that things are somewhat slowing down. I can definitely breathe a lot easier. I have to get a group of pictures together for people back at Boyce of the seminary grounds so they can see what things are like around here.

Thursday is my first day of classes and things will be beyond hectic that day. 3 classes in 1 day. I do have some breaks in between those classes, but things will be beyond stressful. I pray that God will remind me of where my peace comes from and how he has my life under control no matter what. May you all be richly blessed.


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