Saturday, August 21, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 220

There has come a point in this journey, now that my whole mindset has shifted from an old way of life into the new life, that I had to make my explorations happen. I took my camera before, during, and after class with the hopes of finding some great pictures to have to show in this blog, and I thought to myself, what better place to take a picture than the rotunda. In all respects, this part of the seminary reminds me in so many ways of the Pantheon in Rome, and I have never been to Rome in my life. (Someday though). But everyday, whenever I have a class, I walk through this room, gazing up at the brilliant design, the structure, the history surrounding this place. I am grateful for where I am. This is a circumstance where I am praising God for his provision and his blessing. This seminary is exactly what I have needed in my life, and today's picture reflects my feeling on what it is like right now to get an education.

I am refusing to let my life become what it was leading up to my heart attack back in April. I do not want to be overly stressed out about anything, I want to always look forward to life, live in joy, not fear. I am beyond blessed today to have the experience of going into the Fort Worth neighborhood with one of my professors to do some evangelism.

Dr. Matt Queen sat down with me the other day, after I had explained my personal fears of being in this neighborhood. On Wednesday night, I went to go get dinner for myself at a Subway off of Seminary Drive (here in Fort Worth). This subway is past I-35 and over some railroad tracks. This is after blatantly ignoring my dad's instructions not to go in that direction on Seminary drive, it is a very rough area. I went in to get my food, looking at the bars on the windows and front door of the restaurant, thinking how bad it had to be for the people who worked there. I ordered my food and bolted for my car and drove back to Southwestern. Believe me when I said I had wanted to stop and talk to the 2 women working in that restaurant. I could feel that the spirit was telling me to talk to these women, and out of my own fears, I ignored this and walked off. I felt foolish about this and sought out some help. Dr. Queen explained to me that he would be willing to go out with me to do some witnessing and today after my class, that's exactly what we did. I went with him and we went door to door talking with people in the neighborhood. We did meet 3 people, 1 of which (from what he said) was a believer. We were able to express the love of Jesus by just being real with these people and telling them that someone cared about them, and that truly is a huge thing in the sense of God's glory and eternity. I pray that more opportunities like that will arise.

AVATAR: A new perspective...

Today I was able to show my roommate Avatar for the first time, and it got me thinking about the possibilities of what it would have been like a little differently. Like, what if the mining company had decided to move hometree instead of blowing it up?
Plots in movies are there for a reason, and when they change, sometimes it won't always work out the right way. Still one of the best movies of all time in my opinion, despite the fact that it is beyond predictable.

FLASHDEVO (2 Kings 7-10)

As the story of Israel moves on, Elisha keeps on being who God had called him to be. A faithful servant and prophet with whom god was pleased. You see how wickedness had totally corrupted several kings, and how prophesies of their demise actually come true. There would come a time (this is in Chapter 10) that Jezebel (the evil queen who orders many prophets of God to be killed) where she would die, and dogs would devour the body. The only thing that was left of this wicked woman was her bones, and even then, no one would recognize her. God's power and God's word speak the truth, and to deny the fact that God cannot do great things is pure foolishness. I cannot begin to stress this enough. If you think that God doesn't deal with sin harshly, then read scripture. Read the Old Testament and see how people would disobey God, somehow still be right with him, and then have to suffer consequences for their actions in which they had to confess sins and an innocent animal had to die. Remember, God's word will always prevail over any weapon that man could create, and people who served God faithfully would be protected. Elisha is an example of a life in tune with God, because he would serve God with all his heart, and he would be rewarded for what he had done.

I pray that as you read that "FLASHDEVO" post, you expect more from me. I am sorry, I truly am, because I have to devote attention to God's word, and the method by which I do my quiet time is in this blog (reviewing what I have read) and I must read God's word. Please forgive my lacking abilities.

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