Thursday, June 10, 2010

New York...365 Project: Days 144-149

I am here at my birthplace, and now I am trying to keep up with my blog. My normal routines are all off, but I will sty attempt to get these blog posts updated. Anyway, I moved straight from one extreme to the other. Me and my parents were in Orlando for a week, and then that Saturday morning when we left Orlando we flew up to New York to be with my extended family. So now, I am in Yorktown Heights, New York, sitting in the Kitchen typing up this blog. I practically grew up in this house. My aunt, uncle and cousin have lived here since before I was born. It has been wonderful being up here again.

On Tuesday June 8th, I went into New York City to visit my parents, and I finally FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got to see the Lion King! Last year while i was in Japan, I made an attempt to go see the play but I just couldn't, it was always sold out, and I wasn't the wisest of people when it came to spending money, so it didn't always work out according to plan. So now this was my graduation present (as you will see from the pictures in the next post). The play was an absolutely mind-bending, emotional experience, plus seeing it from the front row added an extra amount of excitement. After the play, me and my dad went right next door to this famous cheesecake place called Juniors. It was the perfect way to end that day.

The second day I spent in New York City, I was reunited with old friends from our congregation Light of Israel. We went around, going to Chinatown, Greenwich Village, and other places... see the pictures for yourself...

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