Saturday, June 26, 2010

The 365 Project - 200 Days to the Finish Line...

Today is June 26th, and on the map of pictures and blog posts, this makes day 165. It seems surreal to me that I have gone this far with somehting, but nonetheless, it is moving forward, and I am proud of myself for having stuck with this for so long. The summer is this drawn out time for me, because it seems like I am running this gigantic race and I am not getting anywhere, it's just how it's been feeling to me these days. It's almost the end of June, and I will have another month here in Florida before making the move to Texas.

The pictures are too simple for their own good these days, I feel like I am just running out of ideas. I haven't done any traveling, and most of my time, I am either home or at Chosen People Ministries office working, so my life isn't anything out of the ordinary, for the time being.



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