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FLASHDEVO - 2nd Samuel 12-14

I never even noticed that I had reached 200 Posts on this blog, that's pretty cool. I started this in May 2008. I had blogs before, but this was one that I really decided to stick to, and I probably will keep going with this for the rest of my life.

FLASHDEVO - 2nd Samuel 12-14

Chapter 12

Nathan comes before David to give him a taste of his own medicine, immediately after he had sinned against God by commiting adultery, Nathan presents David with a story about sheep. A rich man having a ton of sheep, and a poor man with only one sheep. The rich man isn't satisfied with all of his sheep so he steals and kills the poor man's only sheep, a little lamb that he treats as though it were his own child. David became furious with this story and told Nathan that the rich man should pay back the poor man 4 sheep for what he had done. Nathan then basically goes on to say to David that "HELLO!?!?!??! YOU DID THE SAME THING!!!!!" You killed Urriah in order to have his wife. David's family was going to have problems as a result of this disobedience, as you will see in the later chapters. However, still in this chapter, David and Bathsheeba's first son dies shortly after he is born, and David was granted forgiveness from God still, and later on the 2 have another child, Solomon.

Chapter 13

There are instances of horrible acts of sexual immorality in this chapter. Absolom, one of David's sons discovers that his sister Tamar had been raped by her half brother. Besides being in the super-mega creepy category, this is a serious offense. God told David that his children would suffer as a result of his shameful act, and Absolom in his anger murders Amnon, the brother who rapes Tamar. Despite the fact that David's son has been killed, he still wants to see Absolom. People in the biblical times know that God offers forgiveness to people and people know that. David wept over the issue with Amnon being killed, and raping Tamar, but he still wanted to see Absolom again.

Chapter 14

Absolom returns to Jerusalem after having been away from the city. His father has wanted him to come back, but it is so sketchy to me, because in the same instance he says that the son is banished. Joab plans a "deception" to help David understand how much he needs to talk to and forgive his son. He brings a widow before David's throne to plead her case, to ask for his help. She said her sons had a fight out in the field and one killed another. She told David, and then the widow turns and explains what Joab had instructed her to do. Absolom finally does come before his father, who kisses him when he sees him...

More on 2nd Samuel to come...


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