Sunday, June 20, 2010

365 Project Pictures for days 156-158

It is getting too late in the night for me to post any blog stuff, I am getting super tired. Today I actually started a new Poet's Notebook, and quite honestly I am at my best mentally speaking when I have something that hasn't been poisoned by facebook comments or blog feeds, so I hate to burst the bubbles of anyone who are thinking they will read some of my poetry, but there are only a select few who will ever get to read what is in these journals.

Okay, I know most of my pictures are revolving around food, but that's okay, food is entitled to make good pictures. I was at a mexican restaurant this past thursday, and had to show one of the key ingredients of the meal. The candle on the other hand, is an example of how extreme Yankee Candle can get. One of my favorite candle fragerances is now off the market (blueberry muffin), so there was a sale for this one, and i had to get it for my bathroom. It smells just like a rootbeer float it is insane. I have to learn about what gets the candles to smell like what they are supposed to smell like, because I would eat the candle if I could. Today I was with my dad getting some buffalo meat for hamburgers, and we were at whole foods again. The last picture I took of a tomato was from the same place, but I just love the uniqueness of the tomato, it's shape is just too cool. Plus we will have a ton of good seeds for growing, from like 2 different varieties.

Tomorrow, I'll be with my dad at a church meeting, and I will be checking out Discover Church in Palm Beach Gardens, where my old friend Chip Stallings is pastor. Blog post on the day, and the first 3 chapters of 2nd Samuel in a flashdevo, so stick around...

Until tomorrow...or Monday.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there...


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