Friday, June 11, 2010

Milestone Day #3 (The 365 Project - Day 150)

I have to cry out to God today because I feel as though all of my joy has been taken away from, but I know that God is still there saying to me that it is okay to cry, it is okay to be sad, and you can still choose to rejoice and be happy about the things that go wrong and go right in our lives.

Today's picture was actually taken yesterday, in Austin, TX. My older brother sent this to me through an e-mail, and I couldn't really get it at first until he explained it. My grandfather caught this caterpiller in his garden, and decided he was going to hang it like a criminal. I thought it was pretty funny...

My childhood keeps pouring back into my front view everywhere I turn. Today for lunch I went out with my aunt to the Yorktown Diner, a place I have been to so many times over. I didn't even get something that exciting, but the simple fact that I was there for lunch was memory enough for me...


1st Samuel 24

I got to my favorite chapter of 1st Samuel a few days ago, and really, I should have been done with 1st Samuel ages ago, but now I am moving at my own pace, and I think that the pace should be faster. I am trying to force myself to get blogging, reading, quiet time, lots of stuff done. My health may have made me slow down, but I still want to have that nature that allows me to accomplish goals the way that i should...

Anyway, concerning the chapter...
The last time I got to this chapter I was in Israel. I did this whole story of David in En Gedi as a devotional with the tour I was on. The Bible takes on a whole new perspective when you have the ability to see the places where Jesus walked and taught people, and where battles were fought, and people lived and died. I actually could point to parts of the area and say, imagine this place 3000 years ago.

En Gedi is a rocky mountaneous region in southern Israel, west of the Dead Sea. In the Bible it's called "The Crags of the Wild Goats" because a species of goat called Ibex live in the mountains. Their horns are used to make shofars.

Anyway, David gets to Saul in this chapter by removing a corner from his robe, while he was hiding from him in the cave. It says that Saul went in to releive himself, meaning he was probably going #2 or something. David had the opportunity to kill Saul and he still did not do it. He had every chance to end his life. He had been trying time after time to kill David, and the Lord had protected David at every possible opportunity.

Be encouraged and know that God has you in his hands, and his eyes are always upon us. Always!


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