Sunday, June 27, 2010

Important aspect within Flashdevos

You all know that I am in the middle of reading 1st and 2nd Samuel...Which tells the story of David, Israel's greatest King, and i came across his most important Psalm, 51.

We all know this Psalm, because when you read it, you are reminded of your sins, and reminds us how we DON'T have to dwell on our sins, how we DON'T have to carry it. God washes us to a clean slate, and he is the one who carries our sin. Even when we try to do something that would make us seem better to God, we can't do it because we are sinful, we are fallen, and we are in need of a sustaining, grace-filled Savior, Jesus, who can carry these things for us.

Spend time in the word today, dwell on Psalm 51...


(More from 2nd Samuel soon)

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