Saturday, January 30, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 18

This is one of those moments, where you have to understand the truth of who you are. If you are from a certain place, a certain warm place where the sun shines 75% of the year (::::::cough:::::::::FLORIDA:::::::::::cough::::::::), then seeing snow shouldn't bother you. In reality, I lived in Westchester County (New York) until I was 13, and then I moved to Florida. Snow was something I would both love and hate growing up. It would be freezing, but you could always play in it. As compared to now, when I have a job, and a driver's license that allows me to operate a car to get me to that job, snow finally worries me.

I am also quite convinced that I am not listening to God enough. I had another brilliant photo op pass me by today. I have never seen a moon so big in my life. The day before it was my friend Terry's tattoo. Crazy :P....Oh well, but in other news (hehehe) I am writing my book and seriously am on track to finish the first draft. I am aiming to have the very first manuscript of the book finished by the end of this month. Here's a synopsis for those who are interested.

The book is called "THE CHRONICLES OF JUDAH"
It is about the legacy of an entire family; and they are Jewish.

The story revolves around David Goldberg, the patriach of the Goldberg family. He survives the Holocaust and later moves to London where he meets his wife Sarah, and they start a family. The rest of the story revolves around different members of the Goldberg family, particularly David's grandchildren Tanya and Kyle...

That is all I will say about my book for now.

Hope you have a great day wherever you are, and that you are keeping warm if you are cold, and keeping cool if you are warm.


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