Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The 365 Project - Day 1

Okay, so now I am going to start a brand new thing. My friend Katrina, she was on the internship with me in Tokyo this past summer, and the other day, I'm looking at her Facebook page, and she decides to start this project (on October 1st) in which she takes a picture every day for an entire year, and I seriously got inspired to start doing the photo journal for myself. Honestly, I feel like my life is being put on hold (well, the idea of going to Japan), so I have something to talk about, and something to do in the time being, so now here I go. I probably won't be going back to Japan at least for another 2 years (I will have to spend some time in Seminary for a while) So here we go! This is day 1! Today, I am talking about this picture. This is the backyard at my parents house (West Palm Beach, FL). Since I am leaving to go back to Louisville on Sunday morning, I should at least give you an idea of where I've been. I should have really started this blog a lot sooner, but I like the fact that I chose to start one, even in the time frame that I did. The house in the picture, I have spent the past 6 years there. After I graduated from high school in 2004, my family moved from Delray Beach to West Palm Beach, and settled down into that house so we could be closer to our church. In that time, I spent 2 years doing ministry at FBC of West Palm Beach (our home church), and then (after getting accepted to Boyce College), I would spend breaks there, working and spending time with family. It's sad to me now, because although my family is there, I have no connection to that place anymore. I'm not married, I have no prospects of a girlfriend, but I do have a desire to make something of my life, and I need to put that all behind me. In another 6 months, I'll be moving into my first real apartment, and starting a Masters degree, working on getting ahead in the ministry. I will be moving to a bigger, new state. You know, when I was getting ready to leave for college, I made this big deal, saying that everything would change, everything would be great, and it was. It was great, it was incredible, but now, the excitement, the thrill of growing up, this is all shocking and scary to me. However, if this means that I will have a serious impact on my ministry in the future, I will go to the ends of the earth and beyond to do what God wants for me.


This will be my new word to describe some of the things I read and found important during my quiet time. I'm going through Luke and Acts, Dr. Luke is such an inspiration to me. One of my teachers at Boyce (Dr. Kerns) talked about this in church history a couple of times, what of all the people in the New Testament (particularly the gospels) knew the people? I mean, Luke isn't mentioned other than the fact that he wrote 2 of the most significant books in the New Testament. He interacted with the Apostles, he knew who they were, and worked along side of them. Who else could have known the people in the story? Who else could have had a story to tell. There are 500 accounts of people who saw Jesus alive after he rose from the dead, so what would be their stories? Shock! Excitement! Overjoyed! I would love to know their stories, but you only get to hear the very specific details. Jesus has left earth, and has left the Holy Spirit with the apostles, so the miraculous things start happening. In Luke 3, a crippled man asked to be healed, and the Apostles respond "Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk." They didn't have to physically touch the man, it was great, all they had to do was say, "IN THE NAME OF JESUS" and someone would be healed. Naturally, there were people who opposed them and said to stop what they were doing, but the apostles lived their lives as if Jesus was coming tomorrow! i want to live my life that way, live as if Jesus would come back tomorrow and tell other people about his resurrection. I have made several commitments for the Spring 2010 semester, (and technically for 2010 altogether) and the biggest one I've made is to lead someone to Christ. So wish me luck...This is going to be an incredible year!

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