Sunday, December 12, 2010

Learning to take the Lead

In all my years, I have never been in such a position. God is moving in my life in such a mighty way, I just cannot keep up anymore. I must say, it is the best possible place you can find yourself in, when you know that what you are doing is the right thing, and what God has directed and ordained cannot be stopped or changed, that is an amazing feeling. I have been thinking that everything I have wanted to do in my life was moving in a certain direction because I felt it was good. But there's that word again "I". When you take the "I" out of an equation, you will see so much more to your life, because you will see it from God's point of view, in a bigger sense; your perspective, the "I" is like looking at a corner of VAN GOGH'S STARRY NIGHT, without realizing that the bigger picture is what you really need to be seeing, I can say that whole heartedly now, that I am trusting God to move forward in my life, never backwards.


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