Friday, November 26, 2010

Drumsticks and Cranberry Sauce (A Blog Chronicle for Thanksgiving)… (Part 1) WEDNESDAY

Where does being thankful really start? Does it start with the fact that we have everything we could possibly need in life because we live in America, or does it go even further than that? God is the creator, the sustainer, protector, provider, and as such our greatest form of thankfulness should come from knowing him.
I haven’t been the most thankful of people, especially during this past semester. I just started seminary. Yeah, you have read all of my blog posts during the summer, and you saw how excited I was when I was leaving Florida to move to Texas, but then when I got here, and I realized it was a game of “hurry up and wait”, everything changed. I get to school, thinking of having an apartment, of not living in the dorms, and then once again, I am found in a dorm room with a roommate, and having to act like I am in college all over again. Frustration sets in even more, as I see everything occur with everyone else around me and it seems like I am left out. I feel inadequate, and a leech on the backside of society. I have almost 4 years of experience working in restaurants, and there are literally no jobs anywhere. I applied to 3 different Chick-Fil-As and never heard back anything from any of them. I questioned what God was doing. God opened the door wide open for me to be at Southwestern Seminary. I was NOT planning to go to seminary after college, I was thinking, I would be on the mission field, that I would be serving overseas somewhere. God’s plans are so much better than we could possibly imagine, and I see that now. I was afraid for myself, afraid that God would leave me without any hope for supporting myself, but then God showed me, that it is okay to be happy, to be without everything that you have wanted for yourself.

I am thankful today to realize that God is working out the details for a plan for me, and I am working to get to that plan.

Check back tomorrow…

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